How Healthy Is Gentrification? Part II

As Developers Rush to Renovate D.C.’s Affordable Housing Stock, Many Residents are Left in the Dust “We still have problems with water and mold. I’m very concerned for my wife and my son. I have headaches, respiratory problems and now I have to use an inhaler,” Lightfoot said. “My wife and son have asthma. I’mContinue reading “How Healthy Is Gentrification? Part II”

A Q&A with CORE DC

By Barrington M. Salmon @bsalmondc As plans to open a community reentry center for formerly incarcerated individuals in Ward 7 move forward, residents, community leaders and elected officials have raised a number of pertinent questions, chiefly centering around what kind of neighbor the new center will be. Will it be safe? Will it promote economicContinue reading “A Q&A with CORE DC”

Sankara Legacy Still Powers Hope for Change 

By Barrington M. Salmon This article was originally published in the Washington Informer newspaper July 2020: As we watch the United States and the world convulsing from a global uprising and righteous rage against white domination, structural and institutional racism and injustice following the murder of George Floyd in Minneapolis, Minnesota, the legacy and messageContinue reading “Sankara Legacy Still Powers Hope for Change “

Changing the game: Ice Cube’s battle to buy regional sports networks

Barrington Salmon #NNPA BlackPress, Barrington Salmon, Black History, Business, Community, Entertainment, Featured, Law, National, News, NNPA Newswire, Sports, The Final Call 0 NNPA NEWSWIRE — …Ice Cube is looking to take the next step in not only raising the profile of his professional basketball brand, but his personal profile as a Black business mogul. InContinue reading “Changing the game: Ice Cube’s battle to buy regional sports networks”

From bad to worse? America’s eroding race relations

Originally Published in the FINAL CALL, APRIL 24, 2019 BY BARRINGTON M. SALMON -CONTRIBUTING WRITER- A new report produced by the Pew Research Center reveals what many Blacks in America knew and what a majority of Americans now acknowledge: “that race relations are generally bad,” with many holding the belief that “the country hasn’t madeContinue reading “From bad to worse? America’s eroding race relations”

White nationalism, a worldwide threat unlikely to cease

Originally Published in The Final Call on March 25, 2019 – 2:24:26 PM BY BARRINGTON M. SALMON -CONTRIBUTING WRITER- | The murder of at least 50 Muslims in New Zealand—struck down during Jumu’ah, traditional Friday congregational prayers—was the latest mass killing of Muslims, Blacks or others by White extremists intent on attacking innocent people they despiseContinue reading “White nationalism, a worldwide threat unlikely to cease”

Millions Of Employed Americans Struggle To Make Ends Meet

BY BARRINGTON M. SALMON -CONTRIBUTING WRITER- | LAST UPDATED: MAY 30, 2018 – 10:18:17 AM  What’s your opinion on this article? Americans who fall outside of the categories of rich or wealthy are entangled, trapped in a vicious cycle of debt, lack and poverty. Despite working hard, and ‘doing the right thing,’ economic and financial securityContinue reading “Millions Of Employed Americans Struggle To Make Ends Meet”

How Healthy Is Gentrification Part III

IN SEARCH OF SOLUTIONS January 12, 2019 Barrington Salmon Barrington Salmon, Commentary, Community, Economy,Featured, Government, Lifestyle, News, NNPA Newswire, Politics, Real Estate 0 In the District of Columbia, a shortage of affordable housing, a hyper-expensive rental market and aging and vanishing housing stock has have tenants battling spiraling rents and housing costs, and have left them at increased risk of getting displaced. By Barrington M. Salmon, ​​(USCContinue reading “How Healthy Is Gentrification Part III”