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Barrington Salmon Writes is dedicated to liberation, literature and the love of the written word.


If oppressed people don’t wrest their stories from the lies and half-truths and gain control of their narratives, they will never see, hear or read their stories.

Media Commentator

The world is changing at a speed that is dizzying. Barrington is an avid reader plus a student of history who keeps his finger on the pulse of politics and current events. He is available for television and radio appearances. Salmon is also a sought-after magazine and newspaper columnist.


Barrington Salmon has been a working journalist for the past 37 years. He writes hard news, features, profiles, investigative articles and multi-part series. He has covered politics, health, police, education, business and sports.

Stacey Brown & Barrington Salmon
Catherine Murphy

You are a liberation journalist!

Catherine Murphy, Filmmaker, Director, Producer

“Barrington Salmon is the best writer I know…”

Stacey Brown, National Newspapers Association, Black Press USA

MimiTVA, Award-Winning Filmmaker, Producer, Director

“I have been a fan of Barrington Salmon since 1996, so much so, I married him!”


Barrington Salmon is an award winning liberation journalist writing .

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