About Barrington Salmon

Liberation Journalist, Barrington Salmon lived and wrote in Florida (Miami and Tallahassee) for more than 2 decades before making Washington DC his home. He is a 2017 Annenberg National Fellow (University of Southern California) who currently freelances for several publications, including The Final Call, the National Newspaper Publishers Association and The Washington Informer. 

Salmon writes on a variety of topics in the nation’s capital and can often be heard on the Internet Radio Program “Wake Up and Live” in a Speak Freely OpEd Session between Host, Sir Rockwell and Barrington Salmon. He was also a guest host on on Timba Republic, a Sovereign State of Message & Music on WPFW, DC’s Pacifica public radio station.

The Washington metro area has been Barrington’s home for 20 of the past 23 years, broken up by a two-year stint in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. A London-born Jamaican, Barrington has traveled widely to locales including Ghana, Israel, Italy, Greece, El Salvador, Amsterdam, China, Nepal and Zanzibar.  Connect with Barrington on his video blog, Speak Freely with Barrington Salmon + follow him on Twitter @bsalmondc and on his Facebook page, BarringtonSalmonWrites. 

Speak Freely Vlog… To Vaccinate or Not?

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